Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

Although there are many adverse effects of untreated hearing loss, the good news is that you can do something about it. From reducing your risk of mental illnesses to helping you advance in your career, there are many benefits to taking charge of your hearing.
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Social Benefits

Communication is the absolute bedrock of any relationship, as every marriage therapist will tell you. By letting our partners know our wants and needs, we can build a foundation of trust that will see the relationship through the toughest challenges. 

How does this relate to hearing loss? Well, by being unable to understand your partner on a fundamental, day-to-day level, a wall is built almost insurmountable. Those who don't treat their hearing loss can open up a wave of miscommunications and misgivings between them and their partner. A recent study showed that those with hearing loss admitted the most significant relationship that faltered was the one they had with the person closest to them, their romantic partner. The second relationship casualty was also the second most important group, their friends and immediate family. 

It is not surprising, then, that those with untreated hearing loss are at a higher risk of developing depression, anxiety, and social isolation. This is because those who suffer from hearing loss tend to retreat from social activities. 

There is hope, however. By treating hearing loss, you regain the ability to communicate effectively with those closest to you. This enables the confidence to go into almost any social situation and thrive. 


Economic Benefits

No man is an island, and no more is this the case than the modern workplace. The jobs of today demand workers to work together in close-knit teams towards a common goal. It is for this reason that regular face-to-face communication is still paramount. When an individual finds it hard to maintain this level of contact, whether face-to-face or by telephone, a breakdown in communication arises, and the quality of work decreases, which lowers the value of the work of the individual.

This means that those with hearing loss are at a considerable disadvantage in the workplace. Their work becomes lower in quality. This affects their wallet. A recent study found that those with mild levels of hearing loss earned the same as those with normal hearing. But the higher the degree of hearing loss, the more the average salary falls. Those with severe hearing loss can expect to earn $30,000 less annually than those with normal hearing. 

Again, there is hope. The same study found that treating hearing loss can mitigate these adverse effects almost entirely, restoring a person's earning power with hearing loss back up to the level of their regular hearing peers. 

Health Benefits

Cognitive Health

Some recent studies have correlated untreated hearing loss with an increased risk of progressive cognitive decline, brain atrophy, and dementia. The good news is that wearing hearing aids will help minimize accelerated brain atrophy while improving hearing. Treating hearing loss this way will slow down the deterioration in cognition and memory problems associated with old age.

Physical Health

Research has found that individuals with even mild hearing loss are three times more inclined than those without hearing loss to suffer from accidental falls. For those wearing hearing aids, this risk is significantly reduced. However, wearing hearing aids decreases the risk of falling as they improve the balance of those with hearing loss, according to a Washington University School of Medicine study in St. Louis. Although procrastinating your hearing loss care can cause significant problems, treating your hearing loss helps improve your well-being. Thankfully, with hearing aids tailored for every lifestyle and degree of hearing loss, managing hearing loss is simpler than ever. We will help you to find the best hearing solution for your needs at Greg's Mobile Hearing. We put your hearing safety first, ranging from extensive hearing screening to a full spectrum of innovative hearing care solutions.

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