Greg’s Response to COVID-19

Dear neighbors,

During this time it has become terrifying for people to seek the usual in-person hearing aid help. We can only pray for each other and help our selves and neighbors. We hope things return to safety soon. I took it upon myself to explore what options are available to consumers. Because I am independent – thankfully I can explore the hearing aid world and its companies untethered to find the best solution for my patients. Of the SIX major Hearing Aid brands, TWO offer the technology that I believe to be viable for a long distance fitting. That is, a hearing aid fitting where we do not have to meet in person. The only requirement for this kind of fitting would be internet, and perhaps a grandchild or friend that is comfortable with basic computer skills. If you are in need of hearing help, and prefer to do so from afar, I am here with a solution – guaranteed or money back. We have to help each other in these times of uncertainty, whether it be staying home reducing the spread or supporting essential workers to fight for us. We pray.

Yours in better hearing,

Greg Romano